You are charged according to the length of your document, not the hours required for me to complete the work. The advantage of this is that you are able to estimate the price for yourself.

Word Count

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Proofreading for correction of English

Editing for proofreading and clarity improvement




0.08 euros/word

(1000 words = 80 euros)

0.1 euros/word

(1000 words = 100 euros)

0.1 euros/word

(1000 words = 100 euros)


Please contact me  directly for a personalised quote

Word counts exclude references and text within figures (but include figure legend text).

Abstracts and Postersand other Small Documents: proofreading or translation = 40 euros. 

Presentations and Speeches: proofreading or translation is 5 euros/slide. I can additionally practice your English oral presentations = 40 euros/hour.

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Please contact me directly for a personalised quote


Timing is discussed and agreed in the quote. 

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Jackie Butterworth

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