Jackie Butterworth, PhD

Scientific and medical proofreader, editor, translator and writer

Native English, English-French bilingual

Scientific and medical communication is dominated by the English language. Being both scientific and English, I offer you fresh eyes to upgrade the quality of your writing, saving you time and avoiding frustration.

I have now been proofreading, editing, translating and writing scientific and medical documents alongside my hands-on scientific career for 13 years.

In September 2019, I developed my scientific writing skills into freelance scientific and medical correction, translation and writing.



My profile


Eight years of post-doctoral research experience in England (2011-2016) and France (2016-2019). 


PhD in Cell Biology, Genes and Development at Université Toulouse III (France) in 2011.

Bsc. Biochemistry with French at Manchester University (England).


Please see my publications in my detailed scientific CV.

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Jackie Butterworth

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Montpellier, France

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