Order of revision events:

1. You contact me directly and send me your document(s).

  • Please indicate the service you wish, your time constraints (i.e. in a rush for resubmission) and intentions (i.e. choice of journal for submission, conference attending with presentation…).
  • Note that the sending document link allows sending of large and multiple documents.
  • Please try to send text as .doc with figures either embedded at the end or separately as .ppt or .pdf

2. I will contact you with a more precise quote and time delay. 

  • I may suggest deeper editing rather than proofreading corrections if I find better quality work would benefit reader comprehension.
  • ! A quick quote signature is required (electronic signature).
  • ! Advance payment 1/3 is required for non-academic services.

3. I do the corrections/translations/writing.

  • In WORD under the REVIEW menu I activate the TRACK CHANGES option. I also use COMMENTS in the margins. 
  • I may telephone you in order to discuss a point in the text for my comprehension.
  • A <7000 word document is completed within in 2-4 days. Timing for scientific/medical writing and documents >7000 words is discussed and agreed in the quote. Shorter documents take 1-2 days.

4. You receive the first version of your revised work and check it.

  • I send you 2 versions of your work: the ORIGINAL document with all my corrections/comments visibly highlighted AND a FINAL document with all my changes accepted.
  • There may be comments in the text that we still need to clarify together. In this case I do a SECOND revision (1-2 days extra time but FREE).

5. You receive your final version of your work.

6. Invoice and Payment.

Word Perfect Science

Jackie Butterworth

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Montpellier, France

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