Inserm U1183, Stem Cells, Cell Plasticity, Regenerative Medecine and Immunotherapy, Montpellier, FRANCE

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"Professional, reactive and her added value is her scientific background"


Dr. Jean-Michel ESCOFFRE, INSERM Researcher

UMR Inserm U1253, iBrain – Imagery, Biomarkers and Therapy – Team 3


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"As a researcher I regularly use WordPerfectScience. Indeed, before submitting to my scientific journal editorial boards, I send my manuscripts to Jackie for English proofreading. Thanks to the quality of her service, I no longer receive negative comments on the quality of my manuscript drafts from reviewers. Also, Jackie’s quality:price ratio is superior to other competitive proofreading services out there"

Dr. Lucy MEUNIER, Hepato-gastroenterologist 

Digestive Unit, University Hospital Saint Eloi, Montpellier, France

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"Jackie is very available, she works fast and well. She trained me for my English oral communication in Toronto. Her coaching allowed me to perfect my accent, and my presentation was even selected among the best communications of the congress. I will be asking her again for help with my next abstracts and presentations"

Dr. François-Régis SOUCHE, Digestive Surgeon

Minimally Invasive Cancer Surgery, Digestive Unit, University Hospital Saint Eloi, Montpellier, France

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If it wasn’t for Jackie’s fast and reliable editing, some of our publications would not be out there today! Under deadline time limits Jackie has quickly edited our manuscripts following bad reviewer’s comments on the poor quality of our written English…now these articles are published. Fast and friendly service, and Jackie can identify the messages we are trying to get across given she is bilingual, scientific and has worked with medics. It's worth passing all communications through Jackie before sending them anywhere!

Dr. Hélène SELLIER, Clinical Research Assistant

ICO - Institute of Cancer Research, University Hospital Angers, Angers, France

Email: encrypt|OXECf+ABGdFUj0l3wiTHn)xgLrIzc98@DWtQNqZk6huYS-5.eVmyMs24vRoKbpJa_(P 17|(EZESEXBEZZhEV4.fihZXMjf


"Jackie is English-French bilingual and scientific so high level correction is ensured. Jackie corrected our review which was accepted for publication very quickly!"

Word Perfect Science

Jackie Butterworth

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Montpellier, France

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