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Articles et Revues

J Neuroinflamm

 Differential neurovirulence of Usutu virus lineages in mice and neuronal cells. 

 M Clé et al., 

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 J Neuroinflammation2021

 DOI: 10.1186/s12974-020-02060-4



 Targeted Therapy in Eosinophilic Chronic Obstructuve Pulmonary Disease. 

 M Fieldes, C Bourguignon, S Assou, A Nasri, A Fort, I Vachier, J De Vos, E Ahmed and A Bourdin. 

 ERJ Open Research2021

 DOI: 10.1183/23120541.00437-2020




 Hepatic amyloidosis as a case of fatal fulminant liver failure.

 F Charpy, A Debourdeau, L Boivineau, M Meszaros and L Meunier. 

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 Clin Res Hepatol Gastroenterol2021




 ARID1A loss in adult hepatocytes activates β-catenin-mediated erythropoietin transcription. 

 R Riou, M Ladli, S Gerbal-Chaloin, P Bossard, A Gougelet, C Godard, R Loesch, I Lagoutte, F Lager, J Calderaro, A Dos Santos, Z Wang, F Verdier and S Colnot. 

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 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.53550


Front Immunol

 Regulation of Innate Immune Responses by Autophagy: A Goldmine for Viruses. 

 B Pradel, V Robert-Hebmann and L Espert. 

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 Front Immunol2020DOI: 10.3389/fimmu.2020.578038



 Evaluation of capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers for passive monitoring of microbubble-assisted ultrasound therapies.

  A Dauba, J Goulas, L Colin, L Jourdain, B Larrat, JL Gennisson, D Certon and A Novell. 

 J Acoust Soc Am2020.

DOI: 10.1121/10.0002096



  Alcohol consumption the day of liver transplantation for alcohol-associated liver disease does not affect long-term survival: a case-control study.

J Ursic-Bedoya, J Dumortier, R Altwegg, M Belkacemi, C Vanlemmens, S Dharancy, C Besch, S Shili-Masmoudi, C Francoz, O Boillot, M Meszaros, L Meunier, S Faure, A Herrero, H Donnadieu-Rigole and GP Pageaux

  Liver Transplantation2020



  HCV treatment in cirrhotic patients: should we use a different approach for patients awaiting a liver transplant.J-hep-july-2020

  L Meunier, GP Pageaux and A Coilly

  Journal of Hepatology2020




  Towards Targeted Interventions in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Risk Profiles of People Who Inject Drugs in Haiphong (Vietnam).

A Riondel, D Huong, L Michel, M Peries, K Oanh, P Khue, N Thanh, H Giang, R Vallo, A Cournil, D Rapoud, C Quillet, D Laureuillard, V Vinh, JP Moles et al. 

  Biomed Research International2020




  Endovascular balloon occlusion during reconstruction of portal vein injury.

  A Herrero, R Souche, F Panaro and F Navarro.

  Langenbeck’s Archives of Surgery. 2020. 



  Endothelial cells, first target of drug delivery using microbubble-assisted ultrasound.JM-revue-2020

  A Presset,C Bonneau, S Kazuyoshi, L Nadal-Desbarats, T Mitsuyoshi, A Bouakaz, N Kudo, JM Escoffre and N Sasaki.

  Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. 2020. 




  The molecular landscape and microenvironment of salivary duct carcinoma reveal new therapeutic opportunities.

  M Alame, E Cornillot, V Cacheux, G Tosato, M Four, L D Oliveira, S Gofflot, P Delvenne, E Turtoi, S Cabello-Aguilar, M Nishiyama, A Turtoi, V Costes-Martineau and J Colinge.

  Theranostics. 2020. 10(10):4383-4394 




   Chemotherapy-associated steatohepatitis.

   L Meunier and D Larrey.

   Annals of Hepatology2020. 



Level of pancreatic division and postoperative pancreatic fistula after distal pancreatectomy: A retrospective case-control study of 157 patients with non-pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma lesions.

M Silvestri, A Coignac, J Delicque, A Herrero, F Borie, B Guiu, JM Fabre and R Souche.

International Journal of Surgery. 2019. 65: 128-133



Thoracoscopy in prone position with two-lung ventilation compared to conventional thoracotomy during Ivor Lewis procedure: a multicenter case–control study.

R Souche, M Nayeri, R Chati, E Huet, I Donici, JJ Tuech, F Borie, M Prudhomme, S Jaber and JM Fabre.

Surgical Endoscopy. 2019.



Microbubbles combined with ultrasound therapy in ischemic stroke: A systematic review of in vivo preclinical studies.

L Auboire, CA Sennoga, JM Hyvelin, F Ossant, JM Escoffre and F Tranquart.

PLoSONE. 2018. 13(2):e0191788.



Mild hyperthermia influence on Herceptin® properties.

JM Escoffre, R Deckers, N Sasaki, C Bos and C Moonen.

Radiol Oncol. 2015. 49(1) 41–49.



Focused ultrasound influence on calcein-loaded thermosensitive stealth liposomes.

A Novell, C Al Sabbagh, JM Escoffre, C Gaillard, N Tsapis, E Fattal and A Bouakaz.

International Journal of Hyperthermia. 2015. 31(4) 349-358.




ILTS Liver Transplantation Annual Congress, 2019 Toronto.


Dr. Lucy MEUNIER, Hepato-gastroenterologue.  

Patients treated for HCV and listed for LT in a French multicenter study: What happens at 3 years?



The AASLD Liver Meeting, 2018 San Francisco.

Dr. José URSIC BEDOYA, Hepato-gastroenterologue.

Biologically Proven Alcohol Consumption following Liver Transplantation for Alcoholic Liver Disease Does Not Impair Long-Term Survival.




Therapeutic Ultrasound.

JM Escoffre and A Bouakaz.

Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology2016. Volume 880.

ISBN 978-3-319-22536-4 (eBook) DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-22536-4



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